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Ikigai Lifestyle Coaching

Revolutionize your health and wellness

  • Do you suffer from anxiety/ panic attacks or seasonal depression?

  • Do you want to lose weight, and manage your diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, asthma, or stress?

  • Do you want to learn more about healthy eating, exercise, stress management, time management, and healthy living?

  • Just had a baby and need support with day-to-day challenges?


If you are looking to make a change, Ikigai Lifestyle Coaching can help!


We are here to help you set meaningful goals and support you on your journey to a healthier you! At Ikigai, clients develop healthy lifestyle habits to prevent chronic diseases. Ikigai Lifestyle Coaching provides guidance and resources to clients who is the expert on their own needs and choices.

As nurse coaches we help clients:

Your Coach will work with you to create a personalized plan in the following areas:

Life Style

Weight Loss

Diabetic Management

Cholesterol Management

Cardiovascular Health

Stress Management

Disease Prevention

Meal planning and Recipe Ideas

New Mom Coaching

Financial Freedom (ex. new business venture)

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Be the Best Version of Yourself

You feel your best in your mind, body, and spirit!

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